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Semi-Hiatus/Hiatus note


Since I’ll be in Toronto from Sep. 2nd to 15th and due to time zones arrive back home at the 16th PLUS I’ll be then gone from the 17th for another month or even longer. I don’t know whether and when I’ll be able to post.

I will try to fill my queue with beautiful things, that are me, but it might happen that this queue will run out. Don’t be worried. it won’t mean that anything has happened to me.

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The Blacklist wins the Primetime Emmy for Best Stunts


FINALLY! (Despite the video..) The advertising posters in the background! I saw it already on a photo in Monte Carlo. The Blacklist poster of Diego as ‘Donald Ressler’! I really want to have one of these. I really hope one can buy them. In Monte Carlo it was very clear that these posters were. In the video cardboard. Whatever! TAKE MY MONEY!! ^^

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Diego Klattenhoff enjoys playing golf.

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Diego Klattenhoff

© Kent Smith Photography 2010

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"My greatest enemy brought her back, and my best friend took her away."

Donald Ressler: 1x11 - 1x22

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