Yancy Becket | first  and last appearance (recognizable)

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Billy | Unconditional (2012)

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…we were drift compatible

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Diego’s first appearance as Billy in Unconditional (2012)

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Donald Ressler | the Blacklist 1x04 ~ the stewmaker

[…] capable of the occasional moment of tenderness […] ~ Liz
not even close ~ Donalds

I think Liz will have/has difficulties figuring Ressler out, because he has build a wall around himself, which she entitles as “uptight”.
PLUS she didn’t see these expressions on his face while comforting her.

I think the two of them are much more similar than both of them believe. Liz may have a scar on her hand, but Donald definitely carried a deep scar for himself and maybe - and ironically - he might be the only one capable of understanding her and the other way around - just my theory

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Pacific Rim | Yancy Becket

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Let’s prove otherwise: like if you’re a fan, and reblog when you started watching the Blacklist because of Diego.

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Diego as Duane Tanner in Supernatural Croatoan | Sam’s vision

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sleepy/sassy Yancy :3

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